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Autistic Boy loves peanut butter and asks Lidl for a refill

This is the feel good story everyone needs today. We all have a favorite dish that we CANNOT live without, right? Meet Bean, an autistic boy from the US who eats his beloved peanut butter and jelly muffins three times a day. Unfortunately, his stock is almost empty, which is why he wrote a heartfelt letter to Lidl US on Twitter.


1. This is happy Bean with his 72 peanut butter jars.


2. Another special offer like this from Lidl would of course be ideal.


3. But Lidl even raised the ante.


4. The story went viral and got many, many retweets.


5. People all over the world celebrate this young kid and his eternal love for peanut butter.


Bean’s mum is always on his side and supports him no matter what.

Bean, you rock!


6. The peanut butter fanatic can be quite picky at times.

Same goes for the jam of course.

Lidl couldn’t agree more!


7. For all the concerned citizens out there:

Everything’s fine.


8. Lidl holds up their end of the deal and gives Dean yet another proposal.


9. Sounds promising, but how about first filling up the current stock?


10. But don’t sweat it, Lidl has everything under control.


11. The dream becomes reality!


12. Respect, Lidl US!


13. The story has a happy end for our dip dye hero: the goods have arrived!


Thanks for your submission dear Hilke!


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