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People share their all-time favorite tweets in this hilarious thread

Fred Delicious asked his followers for their all-time favorite tweet which resulted in a thread that’s packed with just the best of the best. Grab a drink, popcorn and a shitload of tissues: we collected some of the ultimate gems.


1. The epic thread starts out with just one simple request.


2. Shortly, the tap started flowing. 


3. That escalated quickly.


4. This one sure has some, well…


5. Run, Dave, run.


6. Some tweets are really the würst.


7. Other tweets are wrong on so many levels.


8. Rumors are the band kept playing.


9. So unfair.


10. Did you know Wiz Khalifa studied meteorology?


11. Dan had a near mistress.


12. Huh. Weird.


13. It took some time for Jon to even trust his dentist after this.


14. Funerals are popular subjects.


15. Really popular.


16. P.R.I.


17. This epic tweet was copied lots of times, but here is the original.


18. David is even twinning twice.


19. Nathan sure nailed it.


20. You had me at high.


Replies are still coming in, read them all here!



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