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13 hilarious burns by 91-year old John Dingell

Our older generations aren’t know for their savvy use of social media. When they do give it a shot, it often has adorable and hilarious consequences. There are exceptions, though. Take former congressman John Dingell. He is a respectable 91-years old, but don’t let that fool you: his burns are as savage as they come…


1. You may not expect it from his use of language, but John Dingell is actually 91 years of age.


2. He’s not a fan of sports fan Mitt Romney.


3. He just feels it whenever Trump hits the golf course.


4. For those of you thinking he doesn’t write his own tweets…


5. What? Trump angry online? Never.


6. Eric Trump is an easy target, but that doesn’t make it less funny.


7. Think about it for one more second, Chris.


8. Just a tiny bit of shade here…


9. Oh snap.


10. See ya!


11. You know who you are.


12. That definitely ain’t right.


13. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Keep ‘em coming, sir.


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