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14 hilariously sweet shenanigans of older people on Facebook

3 minuten lezen

Reddit is a treasure chest overflowing with internet gems. A great example of this the subreddit r/oldpeoplefacebook, which makes it clear that our more senior citizens have a little more difficulty with the use of Facebook than the younger generations…


1. A standard customer care response isn’t always appreciated.


2. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where all these messages end up.


3. Internet language can be challenging.


4. Emojis don’t always tell the right story…


5. And don’t even get us started about GIFs.


6. This profile picture should be framed.


7. Sometimes these things happen accidentally.


8. An important lesson: not everything you read on Facebook is literally true.


9. Let’s just say it’s an old reflex.


10. Sometimes you get such good news that you just want to share it, and it doesn’t matter where.


11. Messages end up in the wrong places all the time.


12. You could just unlike the page, but why should you be the one to go through all that trouble?


13. Sometimes you just need to ask an important question.


14. Now and then we all need a Joe in our lives.


But hey, we all need some help every now and then.

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