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21 hilarious tweets that tell you what parenting is all about

2 minuten lezen

Being a parent is the most important job you’ll ever have – if you decide to have kids, obviously. Thanks to the internet, you can learn from people who know how to raise their kids right, but also from those who are doing, well, not as good a job…


1. Sometimes you drop your guard and something just slips out…


2. Just because they’re twins, doesn’t mean they’re exactly the same.


3. Kids ask the most interesting questions.


4. Sometimes you just get busy and forget stuff, you know.


5. Playing in the snow together can be such fun.



6. It’s okay to be honest about your kids.


7. Who needs DNA tests anyway?



8. Raise your kids so that they love themselves.



9. Please don’t feel like you have to correct every mistake they make.



10. Try not to steal all your kids’ treats.



11. Know your place.


12. It’s truly a miracle of life.


13. Please know when to stop annoying people with this.


14. Its’ understandable that you’ve had enough sometimes.





16. …just in case.


17. The plots of their favorite books can be puzzling.


18. You have to tell your kids hard truths sometimes.



19. Kids can be VERY judgmental.


20. Don’t let them get to your snacks.



21. That moment of pride when you hear how your kid is doing in school…


Whatever you do, just make sure you raise your kids with good manners…

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