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People on Twitter are summarizing their teenage years in 3 words and a GIF

2 minuten lezen


Everyone’s teenage years are filled to the brim with awkward moments. To capture these, the hashtag #TeenageMe3WordsAndAGIF was started on Twitter, and the results are hilarious and painfully recognizable.


1. Here’s how it started.


2. Aren’t we all?


3. It was a simpler time.


4. So sweet.


5. Cheeky and geeky.


6. It’s okay to be nerdy.


7. Bloody hell…


8. Truer words have never been spoken.


9. Sounds like those dreams didn’t come true…


10. It’s honestly a miracle.


11. 4EverAlone.


12. Everyone was changing so fast.


13. It was all so stressful.


14. Spoiler alert: it often was a phase.


15. Getting on the internet was such a struggle back in the day.


16. It was impossible to get through the 90’s without fashion mistakes.


17. Always in moderation, kids.


18. A lot of people were masturbating, really.


19. But some people are more subtle about it.


20. At least that always ends with a bang.


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