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People are sharing the craziest ‘incidents’ from their high school days

3 minuten lezen

Everyone has at least one crazy story from their time in school that everybody was talking about. Twitter got together and shared some truly insane ones.


1. Twitter users Katie Notopoulos wants people to share their stories.


2. …what kind of movie were they watching?



3. Maybe it wasn’t the movie, maybe it’s just Biology.



4. This scavenger hunt got way out of hand.


5. R U High?


6. Whoops.


7. Burrying it in the marsh. As you do.


8. In the end it was her time at school that was cut short.


9. This is WILD.


10. Well that is… dramatic.


11. Less awkward than getting caught actually watching stuff on PornHub, though.


12. If it involves a severed deer head… it’s probably that one.


13. That’s one way to let your students know they’re not doing so well…


14. Don’t do DIY condoms, kids.


15. Now that’s quite a self-own. 


16. When you’re sick of spending the holidays with your family.


17. And finally, the age old lesson:


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