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Twitter is sharing tips on how to start the new year with a bang

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Make sure you start 2018 in the best possible way.


1. Not only the rains down in Africa will be blessed this way.



2. Ouch.


3. What if 2017 was only the tip of the iceberg?


4. Let’s Lil’ Dump that on the 31st.


5. This will kick things up a notch.


6. Unless you’re not ready, of course.


7. It’s the only party you’ll need, really.


8. Some things will never change, no matter what year it is.


9. This one must have taken a long time to figure out.


10. But this one only took quick maths.


11. It’s nice to belong to a cool club.


12. Somebody once told me that…


13. This will save you from the dark.


14. Self care is important.


15. Make sure you do it.


You deserve to

treat yourself parks and recreation GIF


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