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Twitter is coming up with #LessNoteworthyBands and they are hilariously bad

2 minuten lezen

Twitter loves playing hashtag games. A new one just started where people add a word to, or change a word in a band name to make it slightly less impressive. No wonder none of these bands made it.


1. This is both a sin and a tragedy.



2. It’s just less impressive than a regular pilot.



3. Just slightly less violent.


4. They’re just tired all the time.


5. Well, those can be quite annoying when they’re jammed.


6. Those jack-offs have broken up by now.



7. At least they always have their finances in order.


8. Known for their smash hit “Maybe Speak.”


9. They’re finger lickin’ good.


10. It must be exhausting to make a derp face through all performances.


11. They just don’t make as much impact.



12. Maybe less noteworthy, but not necessarily less fun.


13. They often show up without warning.


14. He was never a fan.


15. They look terrible, but at least they’re comfortable.


16. This is just what Metallica is called these days.


17. Just sing live, guys. The fans deserve it.



But seriously.

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