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This Twitter account makes Hopper from Stranger Things dance to any song

3 minuten lezen

Stranger Things 2 dropped on Netflix recently, and the internet is obsessed with it. Obviously this had to lead to memes. This might be the best one. There is a scene in which Jim Hopper lets Eleven hear a record from his youth, and he dances to it. Turns out he likes to dance to lots of different songs.


1. Obviously he can dance to the Stranger Things theme music.



2. His moves makes them boys go loco.



3. Hopper likes to get down, good lord.



4. It’s not just the Stranger Things theme he can dance to.



5. Did he just steal Drake’s moves?



6. A guy like him should wear a warning.



7. This might be hard to handle.



8. He hit the floor, next thing you know…



9. He’ll tell you what he wants, what he really really wants.



10. Even Eleven herself is a fan.



11. Because it turns out Hopper can even dance to Millie Bobby Brown rapping ‘Monster’.



12. But most importantly, the meme is officially Hopper ApprovedTM.


13. He even made a request.


14. And when the man himself asks you to do it, you do it.



Bitchin’ moves, Hopper.

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