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Twitter gives the perfect tips to avoid spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

1 minuut lezen

Is there anything worse than having someone spoil a movie or tv series that you really want to see? Well, yes, obviously, but it’s still pretty annoying.


1. It’s a big day for Star Wars fans around the world: The Last Jedi is premiering tonight.


2. Social media can be a minefield if you want to avoid seeing things like these:


3. We checked with the police, but unfortunately it’s all legal.


4. So here’s a few tips to avoid spoilers.


5. Stay focused.


6. Just try not to look.



7. Hide.


8. JUMP.


9. Activate your inner ninja panda.


10. Please, for the love of Yoda, watch out.


11. Time to get bendy.


12. Don’t let them get to you.



13. You have to be quick.


14. Make good use of the tools you have at hand.


15. Punish those who do spoil things for you.


16. We do have one tiny spoiler for you though…



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