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The Force is strong with the comments under this Star Wars costume video

3 minuten lezen

In a galaxy far, far away, YouTube star Jesse is showing off his Star Wars-inspired couples costume for Halloween. With a little help from fellow YouTuber Casey Neistat he made a video showing them cruising through the streets of New York on their ‘speeders’. While the costumes are impressive, the comments underneath the video are the real stars.


1. This is the video of Jesse and his pals speeding through New York City.


2. Plenty of people were very impressed.


3. The music was like, well, music to a lot of people’s ears.


4. Evelyn wants Jesse to up the ante.


5. The technology they used to build the speeders was high end.


6. And for Yanex there wasn’t a whole lot of magic to it.


7. Alexliftz asked a simple question.


8. A bunch of people are happy to help.


9. Others… not so much.


10. Is this even a real place?


11. This guy is just being a straight-up villain.


12. Mc FruityBooty is not having the negativity though.


13. Patrick, apparently a real New Yorker, isn’t as impressed.


14. Diego had us going here.


15. The video triggered an existential crisis in Juicebox.


16. Stefan should have used protection.


17. But in the end, this is the only comment that truly matters.


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