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People are sharing their rap names based on the last thing they bought

2 minuten lezen

Some rappers get their names from street nicknames, some get them from Wu-Tang name generators. Others get them by looking at their last receipt.


1. Matt Whitlock figured out the best way to figure out his rap name.



2. Obviously he kicked things off right.


3. Some are lengthy.


4. Not everyone is happy with their outcome.


5. This tweet, however, was right on time. 


6. The most delicious one so far.


7. Keeping it VERY real.


8. It doesn’t matter if you already have a rap name.


9. They can’t all be catchy.


10. Lauren even has her album cover ready.


11. Legendary actors are getting into the game.


12. It’s getting spicy over here.


13. *Whoop Whoop* That’s the sound of the police.


14. Well this is very unfortunate.


15. And when even Netflix decides to jump in, you know it’s been a serie(ou)s rapbattle.

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