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11 times Paddy Power scores with savage football jokes

2 minuten lezen

Paddy Power is an Irish bookmaker with a big focus on sports betting. They love tweeting football players, clubs, and games, especially from the English Premier League. Their team does not hold back and will tweet out the most savage jokes they can think of. Here’s just a couple to see why you should follow them if you’re a football fan.


1. Paddy Power reads football players like no other.


2. Their numbers don’t lie.


3. They’re truly stats magicians.


4. They know how to honor the best of the best.


5. Being a bookmaker, Paddy Power knows a winner when they see one.


6. They know how to improve the slightly awkward manager walk-on graphics.


7. Their tactical analysis is spot on.


8. Their tweets may be hard to swallow by fans from clubs like Manchester United.


9. But Arsenal fans in particular may have a tough time with them.


10. If you see an Arsenal fan walking around, give them a hug.


11. And finally. Paddy just knows how to spot the most magical parts of the beautiful game.


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