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Transfer deadline day is full of excitement and funny posts for football fans

3 minuten lezen

It’s a big day for football fans today. The winter transfer window is closing, so a lot of clubs are rushing to get their last minute deals for new players through. It’s an especially insane day for UK-based fans, as Premier League clubs always go all out.


1. There’s a lot to be excited about for football fans today.


2. They have a favorite button today.


3. Which club is ready to pay the big bucks?


4. Don’t be a dick to reporters today.



5. Their job isn’t easy.


6. It’s a stressful day for people trying to get deals done as well.


7. There is A LOT going on.


8. Arsenal has already reunited old friends today.



9. It remains to be seen if Aubameyang is happy about this move, though.


10. Who could blame him? 


11. He kept his word.


12. Arsenal fans are laughing their asses off today.


13. This Manchester City fan is very confident.


14. This is… very accurate.


15. Damn it, Harry.


16. Arsenal is on fire today.


17. Turkish club Konyaspor signed Samuel Eto’o, and decides to go full Game of Thrones in their announcement:



18. It’s not fun for everybody.


19. Could they get lucky, though?


20. Some things never change.


21. It’s not just football clubs looking to improve their team…


22. Just be ready for disappointment, fans.


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