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Social media responds to Trump’s first State of the Union speech

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Last night, US President Donald Trump gave his first State of the Union speech. A yearly speech the president gives before Congress on live television, to update the people on how things are going, and what’s ahead in the upcoming year. Obviously social media had a lot to say about it. You can read the full speech here.


1. It’s just too risky.


2. Some people felt a little bit mislead by CNN’s reporting in the lead up to the speech.


3.Β And then, there it was:


4. This will happen in 3, 2, 1…


5. This, too.


6. Once you notice it…


7. There was A LOT of applause.


8. Even Trump himself kept applauding his own speech.


9. The State of the Onion shows you what you didn’t see on TV.

Parched Trump Takes Quick Sip From Pudding Cup Between Talking Points

A post shared by The Onion (@theonion) on

10. He’s a bit late.


11. Pray for the poor fact-checkers.


12. Plenty of people thought Trump did a good job, though.


13. Trump brought in a special guest.


14. Traditionally, the opposing party gives their response. This year it was a mouth-watering one by Joe Kennedy. You can watch his full speech here.


15. He chose an… interesting location to give his speech.


16. But there were more responses.


17. Some people in the room were a little distracted…


18. Everyone has their own favorite moment.


19. But why bother making a whole speech about it if you could just use one simple picture?


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