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The Daily Show launches hilarious hashtag based on Trump’s ‘best’ words of 2017

This week Donald Trump held a speech about the role Jerusalem plays in Israel and Palestine, causing a worldwide shitstorm. Politics aside, people also noticed something remarkable about the way he pronounced certain words.


1. The Daily Show noticed Trumps pronunciation issues, and decided to collect his weirdest mistakes of the year.


2. Trump’s way of speaking sure stands out.


3. Solid question.


4. People are noticing a pattern.


5. It’s okay, Lisa. No need to apologize.


6. Stephanie has a different theory on why he sounded so weird in his speech about Jerusalem.


7. It’s something Trevor Noah noticed as well.


8. #DentureDonald was born.


9. Is this gif hilarious? Is it terrifying? Is it disgusting? Is it all of the above?



10. Sho help you god?



11. There’s just so much happening every day.



12. Here’s someone who probably can’t stop laughing either.



13. Theory confirmed.



14. It makes a lot of sense once you put it all together.


This would explain a lot.


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