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Cards Against Humanity is trolling Donald Trump and people go crazy for it

Since Donald Trump became president of the United States, Americans who oppose him have become increasingly more creative in their ways of protesting him. ‘Cards Against Humanity,’ a card game that is as rude as it is hilarious, has come up with their own way to troll Trump. Specifically his plan to build a wall on the US-Mexico border.


1. They bought a piece of land right on that border to make it as difficult for the Trump administration as possible, and they’re letting their fans join in.


2. Here’s how it works.



3. People are EXCITED.


4. Maybe a little too excited.


5. Kulraj sees a golden opportunity for international expansion.


6. The FAQ for this troll-tastic idea has people rolling on the floor.


7. There’s more where that came from.


8. A lot more.



9. A better look at the extra two from Kate’s tweet above.




10. Trudy is into it.


11. This seems to be the most common reaction Cards Against Humanity is getting.


12. John is a little protective.


13. Kyle has an interesting idea.


14. Jeremy is thinking along the same lines.


15. Yeah, no need to drag them into this.


16.Tracy is a Trump supporter and quite disappointed. Cards Against Humanity have their answer ready.


17. Most Cards Against Humanity fans are not exactly on Tracy’s side.


18. Dustin channels a Trump tweet to sum up the debate.


19. And Kate sums it all up.


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