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People are loving this Bad Lip Reading of Trump’s National Anthem fail

There’s never a week without news about Donald Trump. Even the tiniest things he does somehow become huge news stories. A good example of that happened this week, when he seemed to have forgotten the lyrics of the American national anthem on live TV…


1. Watch a Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s attempt to sing the national anthem:

2. Some people can’t really blame Trump for this.


3. But most people just find it very funny.


4. Jude noticed something quite ironic.


5. It does seem a bit lazy to just upload the actual footage.


6. Ryan is not wrong.


7. He’s a big boy.


8. You might even say


9. We’ve all been there.


10. This is the best part tbh (at 0:48)



11. Shout out to team Bad Lip Reading.


12. So THAT’s what he meant…


13. But hey, credit where credit is due.


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