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Americans applaud Dutch journalists for asking US ambassador uncomfortable questions

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Donald Trump finally sent his new ambassador to the Netherlands. The man is called Pete Hoekstra, and back in December he went viral after a Dutch journalist confronted him with his own lies. Back in 2015 Hoekstra claimed that because of Islamic influences in the Netherlands resulted in ‘no-go zones’ and that politicians were set on fire (you read that right). On Thursday he gave a press conference for the Dutch press, who had some burning questions for him…


1. ICYMI: the uncomfortable conversation between Hoekstra and the Dutch reporter…


2. The Dutch press obviously did not forget about this.


3. The Washington Post makes sure Americans don’t miss out on this press conference.


4. Yes it is, Dana. One and the same.


5. The journalists were merely doing their jobs, but it was more than enough to make Americans jealous.


6. They can’t wait to see how the Dutch journalists would handle a White House press briefing.


7. The American commenters aren’t exactly proud of their ambassador.


8. Diana knows this is not the kind of stuff the Dutch are waiting for.


9. How dare they tbh.


10. On behalf of the Dutch: no thank you, Raymon.


11. Don’t worry, Josef. The Dutch will be fine.


12. Hoekstra may disagree with that last part.


13. Turns out the ambassador was right after all…


Greetings from the Netherlands!
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