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50 hilarious tweets from 2017 to end your year with a smile

3 minuten lezen

2017 was a year in which a lot happened, both good and bad. To end the year with a laugh, here’s 50 tweets from 2017 that made people laugh out loud. See you in 2018!


1. The next stage is going to be handle the very old fashioned way.



2. Now THIS is how you woo someone.


3. Barack Obama himself got in on the Obama/Biden memes.


4. Just try not to sing along.


5. Comedy writer Megan Amram blessed us with the biggest collection of food puns in one single tweet.


6. A helpful tip for the iPhone X owners among us.



7. Probably.


8. Someone had to.


9. We were so careful.


10. History buffs know which rooms to avoid.


11. This has to be on purpose.



12. Just… wow.


13. Twitter changed the shape of their avatars this year.


14. They do look a bit creepy though…


15. Whoa.



16. This just makes sense.


17. Calm down, guys.


18. It was also the year Fiona The Baby Hippo graced Twitter with her presence.


19. Yikes.


20. We just want to help.


21. People have been disrespecting Pop-Tarts a lot this year.


22. Anyway, back to some adorable animals and fried chicken.


23. A tiny little space can make gigantic difference.



24. Accurate.


25. Ohhhh no. Nope. Nonono




26. It is curious.


27. Uh-oh…



28. That sounds right.



29. Did you though?



30. This tweet is a wonderland.


31. Just when you’re lovin’ it…



32. Please don’t listen to her.



33. A true classic.


34. There’s so much going on here.



35. Seems fair.


36. If you ever truly want to get back at someone…


37. Well that’s awkward.


38. Oh how different things would be if it had said “(right)”.



39. He really blends in.


40. This must happen several times a week.


41. Yup.


42. Honestly, if this doesn’t warm your cold, dead heart, what will?


43. Same.


44. Whoa.


45. Sometimes reality is like it’s straight from a movie.



46. You’re trying to figure out where to take your next trip to… and then it hits you.



47. No lies detected.



48. Always listen to the trainer.


49. The Force is strong with this pun.


50. And let’s end the year with this fantastic burn.



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