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Misleading or just absolute assholes? These designs should be forbidden

2 minuten lezen

Some things you see online and out in the real world are very obviously designed to trick you. You might even say that these were made by absolute assholes. Subreddit r/AssholeDesign collects the funniest, aggravating, and jaw-dropping examples of this.


1. This asshole design feels straight-up illegal…


2. “There are no wrong answers” is not a thing in this survey.


3. This is very sneaky.


4. It’s a cover up.


5. They parked the most important bit in the fine print…


6. So devious.


7. That’s one way to make sure people can’t unsubscribe

8. Honestly, this is just clever.


9. Rude.


10. And finally, if you ever get a ‘clever’ idea like this… just don’t do it. You’re just an asshole.




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