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16 times adults tried to level with young people in their language and failed miserably

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A lot of brands and organizations want to appeal to young people. The problem, however, is that they often have no idea how to do this properly. Subreddit r/FellowKids collects all the times this went terribly, terribly wrong.


1. They’re trying to turn the tide.



2. Ironically, this applies to the person who decided to put this on the package.



3. Don’t worry, you can change your privacy settings so he won’t be able to see everything you post.



4. No. Just Nintendon’t.



5. Nope, and nope but in yellow.


6. The five exclamation marks definitely help…


7. Whoever made this should’ve listened to their own advice meme.


8. This one is only for the cool #teens.


9. It could’ve worked if Aldi had only put the coffee machine in the right corner… Well, the left one.


10. The biggest crime here is the word itself.



11. NEVER jump on a hashtag before knowing what it’s about…


12. Stop. It.



13. They’re not fluent in youth culture, they’re just dabbling.



14. This study material l00ks up 2 d8.



15. This can only backfire.



16. Fortunately there are always people to put these offenders in their place – with the right meme.



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