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13 weird things you should know about the German language

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The German language is certainly an interesting one. It is well known that Germans enjoy cramming entire sentences into enormous words, for instance. But there is a lot more fun to be had with the language, as the subreddit /GermanFacts makes clear.


1. Some words are surprisingly easy to translate.


2. Their words often have laser accuracy.

 tattoo butter olivia wilde tramp stamp lower back tattoo GIF


3. A lot of Jewish surnames have a specific meaning in German.


4. Germans clearly love to confuse themselves.

“I hate this montage.” – ” Do you know what I really hate? Montage Mondays.”


5. You’re welcome.


6. Obviously Germans also have road beers.

They’re not the only ones.


7. When a German tells you there’s an otter coming, really pay attention to their tone…



8. It’s a truly poetic language.


9. This is… very specifically sexist.

Come on, Germans. It’s 2018.


10. German words aren’t always that specific, though.


11. It’s important to keep the distinction in mind. Remember that shit.

To be fair, that is what failing a course can feel like sometimes.


12. Can we bring “ereyesterday” and “overmorrow” back?

Those poor children…


13. This is why you see so many drunk Germans in Switzerland.




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