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12 corporate fails that deserve the biggest facepalms

2 minuten lezen

Businesses make mistakes sometimes. You can’t always see them in the outside world, but every now and then they fail in such a spectacular way that they can’t help but go viral. The subreddit r/CorporateFacepalm collects these fails by brands and organizations in one convenient place. These are pretty bad, you guys.


1. The fails this subreddit collects are… just… wow.


2. This contest was off the chain.


3. Well, that backfired


4. There’s truly no other way to read this.


5. Seriously, how does this even happen?


6. An impressive way to shoot yourself in the foot.


7. MLK was famously into quizzing


8. ???


9. Hoes deserve to look nice just like the rest of us.


10. Yahoo probably shouldn’t have left this up to an algorithm


11. How did they not see how bad this looks…


12. Oh no… no no no no…


Pay a little attention, people…


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