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Man doesn’t realize his complaint video disproves his own point, gets hilariously punished for it

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A lot of complaints people post on Facebook pages of companies are legit and deserve to be looked at. A man who shops at UK supermarket chain Tesco, thought he had one, too. However, he didn’t seem to realize that his accompanying video disproves his own point…


1. Tackleberry posted a video on Tesco’s wall that claims none of the Easter eggs available there feature the word “Easter on it. You can watch it here.


2. Turns out… Tackleberry didn’t really pay attention.


3. And those aren’t the only ones.


4. Talia has a few receipts as well.


5. He claims he did spot the ones at the bottom…


6. But clearly just didn’t pay attention.


7. Ashley does have a point…


8. Mike even made him a meme.


9. Sammy is confused about Tackleberry’s intentions.


10. Turns out he’s worried about the Christian part of Easter eggs, which, as Alex points out…


11. He tries to distract Louise with an attempt at insult, but she has backup.


12. He turns to the one true bible: Wikipedia – and seems to think that anyone who disagrees with him must be far left.


13. Louise and Bethany are not letting up so easily. He is, however.


14. Lisa did what Tackleberry didn’t: research.


15. At least he has some ‘support’ from Joe…


Better luck next time, Tackleberry.

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