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This woman is not just going to let people troll her Facebook complaint without a fight

4 minuten lezen

When you post a complaint on a public Facebook page, you run the risk of attracting trolls. Not everybody just lets them get away with it, though. Xuxa is one of those people.


1. Xuxa is not happy with Tesco’s delivery service.


2. Known troll of supermarket Facebook pages Kev feels like Xuxa’s complaint isn’t fair.


3. But Xuxa will take his trolling, and raises him some.


4. And Kev drops a linguistics bomb.


5. But two can play at that game.


6. And Kev goes down!


7. Kyra is celebrating Xuxa’s successful takedown of Kev.


8. And then Rob enters the ring…


9. But obviously Xuxa is ready to take him on.


10. Simon attempts to chime in.


11. And Xuxa slams him with all she’s got.


12. Moral of this story, sometimes all it takes to beat the trolls is some liquid courage.


So… that happened.
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