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Complaint of customer finding a bug on her bananas takes an unexpected turn

3 minuten lezen

Sometimes you’ll find something in the food you buy that isn’t supposed to be there. And while this usually leads to straightforward complaints on social media, are there some exceptions. This is one of them.


1. Ruthie’s post on Tesco’s Facebook page isn’t a typical complaint. She’s worried.


2. Meet Cyril.


3. Tesco noticed and wants to make sure Cyril gets home safely.


4. At least he’s in good, caring hands with Ruthie.


5. Meanwhile, Tesco has done some research on little Cyril.


6. But it doesn’t put Ruthie’s mind at ease.


7. And then something seemingly impossible happens: people get attached to a cockroach.


8. Kristy brings distracts from the story with some nationalism, but Ruthie is quick to shut it down.


9. And now, pound symbols have appeared in Ruthie’s eyes.


But who will miss Cyril the most? His band mates.


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