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People can’t stop trolling on the Facebook pages of British supermarkets

Most people visit Facebook pages of their favorite stores when they want to complain, ask a question, or pay a compliment. Others just troll their way through the comments.


1. It’s honestly rude.


2. Sometimes the supermarkets themselves are the target.


3. Some unfriendly advice.


4.  They’re also aware that people post strange messages on corporate Facebook pages sometimes.


5. It’s nice when you get to talk to THE Morrisons.


6. It’s not rare that more than one troll joins in.


7. Just… so. many. trolls.


8. Fortunately they troll each other as well, and not just innocent posters.


9. They like pointing out when someone is overreacting.


10. Really, they just want to help.


11. They do have solid advice sometimes, though.


And that is how it’s done…

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