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FOX ignites a remix on Twitter after they break news about R. Kelly

2 minuten lezen

Sometimes you find a joke that fits a news story so well that it doesn’t even matter that you’re a news organization – you HAVE TO go for it. This is what happened when news channel FOX13 Memphis published a story about R. Kelly.


1. It started with the news that singer R. Kelly is being evicted from homes he was renting in Atlanta because he hadn’t paid over $31,000 in rent.


2. Then they saw a joke and went for it.


3. Which inspired an actual remix.


4. FOX13 gladly keeps it going.


5. They really started something.


6. And Twitter keeps it going.


7. Jess made one all on her own.


8. This one is very necessary.


9. If you hadn’t done this already, please do it now.


10. Nicely done, FOX13.


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