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People are puzzled by some weird details in Vanity Fair’s celebrity photoshoot

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Photoshop is something that takes some time to master. Some people are also simply better at it than others. Vanity Fair probably regrets hiring the person who photoshopped this megastar-filled photoshoot…


1. Vanity Fair posted their 2018 Hollywood portfolio, with this picture:


2. Twitter noticed a couple of… strange details in the photoshoot.


3. So that’s where Reese got it.


4. Oprah can do literally anything.


5. And it gets SO much weirder.


6. Wait, these were photoshopped?


7. First it was photoshop and plastic surgery, now it’s EXTRA LIMBS?!


8. She can do anything she sets her mind to.


9. Reese noticed it, and decides to come clean about her extra limb.


10. And Oprah stands with her.


And YOU get an extra leg! And YOU get an extra leg! EVERY. BODY. gets an extra leg!

happy oprah winfrey GIF


*Header image via @leiascaptain on Twitter.


Thanks for the tip, Evert!


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