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People want Oprah to run for President after a joke at the Golden Globes

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On Sunday night, The Golden Globes were awarded to some of film and television’s best of the past year. The show was hosted by comedian Seth Meyers, and he had a little trick up his sleeve during his opening monologue…


1. See how Meyers tries to get Oprah to run for President, and who his solid choice for Vice President is.


2. When it’s a hashtag, you know it’s real.


3. This commenter realized what Seth Meyers was doing here when he made his jokes about Oprah and Tom Hanks.


4. A lot of people claim that Donald Trump decided to run for President when he was mocked mercilessly by both Seth Meyers and Barack Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.


5. The jokes President Obama made were written by Jon Lovett and Jon Favreau, co-hosts of popular political podcast Pod Save America.


6. The Friday before the Golden Globes, Seth Meyers was a guest on Pod Save America… and a joke was born.


7. Fans are ecstatic about Jon Lovett’s joke ending up in the show… and the prospect of President Oprah.


8. Credit is given where it’s due.


9. A movement was born – strengthened by her impressive acceptance speech.



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* Header image via NBC on YouTube.


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