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Cypress Hill and Blink 182 are obsessed with National Geographic’s Instagram

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What do you do if you’re a band that hasn’t had a hit in a while? According to Cypress Hill and Blink 182 the answer is obsessively following National Geographic’s Instagram account.


1. People have been following Cypress Hill’s Instacrush for a while now.


2. The love is real.


3. They exclusively comment in emojis.


4. Recently this passionate affair turned into a love triangle when Blink 182 started doing the very same thing.


5. Usually they find an emoji version of what’s in the picture, but if they can’t, they go with the next best thing.


6. They call attention to the very real need for a hammerhead shark emoji.


7. It gets very literal.

Photo by @amivitale. I’m delighted to share a 360 video I was able to create with baby pandas in Chengdu, China which you can find on @natgeo. It was a privilege to spend time with this very rare, finicky, endangered animal. As soon as I put the 360 degree cameras in the enclosure, the six month old bears would immediately find them and attack! They also loved to climb up my legs and extracting their teeth and claws was sometimes painful but well worth it. It’s hard to imagine, but these animals were once as mythical and elusive as Bigfoot. They have been around for millions of years, but were only made known to the western world within the last century. The first panda was captured alive only in 1936. With only a few thousand in the world, and a national symbol for the Chinese, getting close, without interfering with their biology and conservation, and in a way that is acceptable to their understandably protective minders, was challenging. And in a region where bad environmental news is common, the Giant Panda might prove to be the exception and a testament to the perseverance and efforts of Chinese scientists and conservationists. By breeding and releasing pandas, augmenting existing populations, and protecting habitat, China may be on its way to successfully saving its most famous ambassador and in the process put the wild back into an icon. Follow @amivitale for more panda stories. 🐼 @thephotosociety #sichuan #chengdu #china #pandas #giantpanda #ipanda #conservation

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8. It’s hard to see what’s growing on these fields, so better safe than sorry.


9. They show their sympathies with hardships around the world.


10. But usually they’re dolphinitely having a good time.


11. Every now and then they mix it up by showing how the picture was taken.


12. It’s truly a wild ride.


13. Fortunately, there is a place for both of them in Nat Geo’s heart.


14. Sometimes the one out-does the other.


15. But hey, if an open relationship works, it works.


16. A new fandom is born


It’s a love story for the ages.

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