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Instagrammer pranks people on the street with these AirPods stickers

2 minuten lezen

Some people have a great sense of humor. This absolutely is the cas for Pablo Rochat. He decided to go onto the streets with a stack of stickers that look exactly like AirPods. Watch what happens:

By Nathalie


1. And it looks like this.



2. He also has some video footage of what it looks like. 


3. Some people think it’s wicked. 


4. But they are living for it. 


5. This person wouldn’t fall for it. 


6. But what if it was money?


7. People recognize the joke. 


8. This is the one. 


9. We have bad news if you were hoping there was also video footage of the AirPods prank.. 


10. Do you want to prank the people in your circle? You can download Pablo’s stickers for free.


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