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These people on Twitter tell their dogs they’re not so good boys

3 minuten lezen

The Internet is full of people who are loving and praising their dogs online. Some people even dedicate a whole Instagram account to their beloved animal. But, these ‘oh so cute’ dogs don’t even know how to care for themselves, let alone that they can read.


1. Drew Magary shared his opinion on his Twitter account. 


2. He starts this thread by sharing a picture himself.


3. And people start expressing their feelings towards their dogs. 


4. What an annoying creature. 


5. It’s a big ‘no’ from this guy.


6. What a life. 


7. If it fits, I shits.


8. If it didn’t look so stupid, you would almost call it dangerous.


9. It’s like a girlfriend. 


10. Why would he care about your car? 


11. That’s not how it works!


12. They are always hungry. 


13. But at least she’s cute. 


14. Do something dog! 


15. This will forever be a mystery.


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