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Donald Trump attacks Oprah Winfrey and Twitter is not letting him get away with it

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If there is one thing Donald Trump loves to do on Twitter, it’s attacking people. Today he attacked someone he probably should’ve just left alone…


1. Trump started his day by attacking Oprah Winfrey. As one does.


2. Twitter quickly came to her defense.



3. Trump’s accusation seems a little… hypocritical.



4. It’s just making people more determined to beat him.


5. They’re hitting him where it hurts.


6. Of all people.


7. Joseph found the perfect picture to accompany the tweet.


8. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


9. It’s not his best work.


10. Just a heads up…


11. The list goes on…


12. Could you even imagine?



13. Remember? 


14. Fortunately, we have a translator.


15. It should be tbh.


16. Look what you made her do, Donald…


17. And finally, presented without comment:

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