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Twitter is writing ‘Amazon’ reviews of animals and it is as funny as it sounds

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Product reviews on sites like Amazon can be very helpful. It’s good to know what you’re getting in to. Oregon Zoo thought this system would be helpful for their animals as well, so they’ve been reviewing them on Twitter. This launched a truly adorable hashtag: #rateaspecies.


1. Oregon Zoo started the otterly delightful hashtag.


2. Soon enough, more zoos, aquariums, and others joined in.


3. The LA Zoo and Botanical Gardens did not sleep on this hashtag.


4. Always beware for scammers.



5. Though it’s sometimes better than it seems.


6. Sometimes the next best thing is the actual best thing.


7. The CA Academy of Sciences got ripped off, though.


8. Those delivery services are truly irresponsible sometimes.



9. This one truly sucks.


10. When you have the perfect pun in your shell, use it.


11. It’s good to manage your expectations.


12. It’s always the same thing with those damned stickers.


13. Something went spectacularly wrong here.


14. As with all of these, purchase at your own risk.


But hey, don’t knock it until you try it.


Thanks for the tip, Lindi!


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