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These 13 tweets about podcasts deserve a 5-star review

1 minuut lezen

Podcasts are huge. Sometimes it feels like every other person has one. Fortunately, not everyone takes them very seriously.


1. That podcast would slay.



2. Sometimes you just don’t have a choice.


3. There’s just so much going on.


4. It’ll be someone else’s cross to bear.


5. “Sorry, Garçon…” will be available on iTunes soon.



6. Damn it, Kevin.


7. Amen.


8. Considering the vast number of podcasts out there, it’s safe to say most friendships don’t make it to the highest level.


9. Like the old saying goes…


10. Hopefully they’ll be able to catch these maniacs.


11. Podcastism is a rapidly growing religion around the world.


12. Some kids are wise beyond their years.


13. A murder of crows, a pack of wolves…



The mantra for 2017:
radio podcast GIF by Stoneham Press


This article originally appeared on our Dutch sister publication.


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