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These people left some remarkable reviews of famous places on Tripadvisor

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Tripadvisor is a handy tool for travelers. If you need inspiration for things to do on your next trip, look no further. Make sure you read the reviews, though…


1. Please don’t let this review inspire you…


2. At least you get an authentic experience.


3. Charlie wasn’t home.


4. For those of you hoping to see a kitchen sink at Westminster Abbey… Sorry.


5. You probably don’t need to be a seasoned sushi eater for that to be annoying…


6. At least he can laugh about it.


7. Wow rude.


8. Yeah, jwj492, perhaps you shouldn’t.


9. If this happens to you… call the police, because the Colosseum doesn’t have a restaurant…


10. “Whoop!”


11. And while some reviewers paint quite a lively picture of the Forbidden City…


12. Others are more… straightforward.


13. An absolute classic.


14. Little do those people know… Stalin was notoriously anti-selfie.


15. Tell us how you really feel…


Save your trip: always check the reviews

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