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Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman get into an epic rap battle for the Superbowl

2 minuten lezen

The Superbowl is coming up on Sunday. Besides a lot of hype around the halftime show, this also means that brands can’t wait to outdo each other with their commercials. Doritos and Mountain Dew joined forces and may have won that battle already, with one cool ad that will get you fired up…


1. Watch the rap battle of the year right here:


2. Peter Dinklage has Busta Rhymes backing him up.


3. And Missy Elliot is supporting her man, Morgan Freeman.


4. Jared. Babe.


5. And Tanner just made a mind blowing connection…


One thing is for sure: this Doritos and Mountain Dew Superbowl ad brings the fire.



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