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Cookie Monster wants you to know it’s not really him in these pictures

2 minuten lezen

Fake news is everywhere these days. People fall victim to it every day. It’s not even limited to people anymore: even Sesame Street characters are getting pulled into it now.


1. Cookie Monster is sick of all the fake news about him out there.


2. When you take a very close look, you’ll notice it’s actually a crystal.


3. Don’t let the media fool you.


4. He does seem to be a bit unsure about this one.


5. Good to know he wouldn’t eat his own face.


6. There is no other way to read it.



7. More false Cookie Monster sightings!


8. Well this is depressing.


9. He even pops up in famous art pieces now.


10. That’s all he has to say on the matter.


Time for him to get back to business.

sesame street eating GIF by HBO


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