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Tweets can be twice as long now and these brands are loving it

2 minuten lezen

Twitter upgraded their character limit from 140 to 280, making social media managers everywhere very happy.


1. Doritos answers their own question.


2. Spotify turned it into a competition.


3. DiGiorno made some pizza art.


4. Other pizza chains are less creative…


5. But really…


6. Nature Conservancy stepped up the creative way.


7. But the emojis still keep coming.


8. Not every company needs them, though.


9. Something truly special happened between British emergency services.



10. The Queen’s guards got in the game as well.


11. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution have their own interpretation.


12. The WWF had a fun idea.


13. Which BBC Earth seems to like as well.


14. Sometimes Google Maps takes some time to get you there.


15. NASA Goddard made some art.


16. McDonald’s keeps it humble.


17. But in the end, Netflix wins.


So many characters, so little time.

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