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This man complains about disgusting pizza, but the Facebook comments are truly delicious

3 minuten lezen

Having food delivered can be a gamble. Sometimes expectations and reality are miles apart. This is one of those times.


1. Here’s the ‘pizza’ Jared got delivered from Domino’s.


2. You’re not going to believe this, but people aren’t into it.


3. Some are both delighted and disgusted at the same time.


4. Others are just delighted.


5. Jared is inconsolable.


6. Someone should definitely go to jail for this.


7. It’s all too real.


8. At least one person is into it.


9. Spoiler alert: they had nothing to say about this.


10. That’s definitely not what he got.


11. Everyone has their own interpretation of what Jared actually got.


12. But Stephañia has some advice for Jared.


13. Dr. Jennifer has her own diagnosis.


14. We found the cause, too.


15. Kaelani and Cheyenne know how to deal with a situation like this.


16. Apparently this has happened to more people.


17. But hats off to Granny, she managed to make it more disgusting.


This whole thread was basically like:

gross titus andromedon GIF by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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