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Domino’s launched a heated pineapple on pizza debate with a simple pun

Sometimes making a simple joke on social media can be a delightful thing. Other times it can turn people against each other and yourself. Guess how it went for Domino’s


1. It all started with an innocent pun.



2. Ryan has a solid prediction for what is about to happen.


3. Here it comes…


4. Veliko has some marketing advice for Domino’s.


5. People don’t agree.


6. Not everyone is mad at Domino’s. Brandon is coming in, guns blazing.


7. Some defenses of Domino’s pineapple pizza get quite detailed.


8. Bob has a simple solution.


9. Raymond is taking Domino’s up on their offer.


10. So is Jeremy.


11. The anti pineapple on pizza lobby is going all out.


12. Laith seems to have gotten a little distracted at the end there.


13. Derek just doesn’t seem to be the biggest Domino’s fan.


14. Brodie is… ordering… coffee?


15. It’s not just Domino’s intention that’s being criticized.


16. Don’t think you can bring authority to this discussion by mentioning Italy, Darren.


17. It’s getting straight-up disgusting now.


18. But hey, it’s just a joke, people.

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