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McDonald’s UK’s meme sparks a fiery debate about French fries and chips

3 minuten lezen

McDonald’s set off a debate that may be more divisive than Brexit.


1. It all started when the McDonald’s UK Facebook page posted their own ‘first of all’ meme.



2. Phill saw the following shitstorm coming.


3. Because here. we. go.


4. And the insults start flying.


5. Nathaniel even brought a visual aide.



6. Chris is having a good laugh about Nathaniel’s use of “uncultured swine.”


7. There’s a lot of confusion going around.


8. Dan has a different view on Nathaniel’s visual.


9. Jade thought she had Nathaniel… but then Lottie quickly swooped in.



10. Stephanie just wants everybody to get along.


11. Her call for peace didn’t have the effect she was hoping for.


12. The debate gets pretty technical here and there.


13. Hannah and Rianna are worried about the political impact of the McMeme.


14. Luke has his own alternative.


15. Colin would like to use this opportunity to ask a more dignified question.


16. Tom has his mind made up.


17. Colleen coming in hot with this burn.


18. And for the best summary of this debate, we turn to Anthony.


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