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KFC tried to make a meme and the confused reactions are finger lickin’ good

3 minuten lezen

Nanny cam puppet Elf on the Shelf has a fun, rhyming name, but replicating this isn’t as easy as it seems, as KFC found out.


1. It all started when KFC posted this meme they made.



2. And the confusion set in immediately.


3. People’s explanations of it are all over the place.


4. Some valiant efforts are being made.


5. People are really losing it.


6. Liam really breaks things down.


7. Others are starting to make up rhymes of their own.


8. For Ryan, the questionable rhyming isn’t the issue here.


9. But then, people started getting it.


10. Joe beat KFC at their own game.


11. Not everyone is a fan of KFC’s sense of humor.



12. Hayden even seems to pick his fastfood based on meme use.


13. At least some people love it.


14. But then, finally, Phil figured it out.


15. And with some inspiration from Ashley, KFC made an even better meme in the end.



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