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IHOP reveals why they changed their name and people are flipping out

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Big news in world of breakfast food: IHOP reveals what their new name, ‘IHOb’ stands for. Fans of the restaurant chain are outraged.


1. About a week ago, The International House Of Pancakes – IHOP – made an announcement.


2. People were trying to guess what the “b” stands for.


3. And today, they revealed the reason why the “P” for Pancakes can flip off: they’re going all in on burgers…


4. It’s safe to say that people are… confused.


5. It makes little sense.


6. WHY???


7. Other restaurants are following IHOb’s lead.


8. And Wendy’s is not afraid of this new ‘competition.’


9. Seth is already done with this.


10. Eugene has a couple other suggestions for that “b”.


11. *waves at a stack of pancakes*


12. This would be more sensible tbh.


13. We will hunt you. And we will find you.


14. There’s still time to fix your mistake, IHOb…


15. But let’s face it: IHOb’s most loyal customers will not be deterred.


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