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Subway manager is very rude to vlogger’s mom and people are outraged

3 minuten lezen

A lot of people in management positions want to be an example to their employees. This local Subway manager has, let’s just say, a different management style…


1. This is the video of the incident, posted by vlogger Nikki Glamour It gets… intense.



2. Nikki clarifies who are part of it.


3. Nikki’s mother recounts her experience.


4. The other Subway employee in the video didn’t want anything to do with it.


5. Twist: the phone call the manager claimed to make to the cops was fake.


6. The outrage is real, people are fuming.


7. A former Subway employee chimes in.


7. People’s opinions are all over the place.



8. Subway responded, but wants to resolve the issue in private.


9. But after watching that video, one thing’s for sure…


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