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Story about a mother and son’s trip to IKEA gets people outraged

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Having a child who’s on the autism spectrum can be challenging. It’s hard to give the kid a regular childhood – for as far as that exists. Danielle, a mother from Ottawa, Canada, knows this all too well. What seemed to become a nice day at their local IKEA, turned into a sad affair…


1. Danielle from Ottawa needs to get something off her chest on IKEA Canada’s Facebook page.


2. Her son has autistic spectrum disorder and loves IKEA.


3. He was having a wonderful time in the ball pit.


4. But then things took a turn for the worse.


5. It left Danielle upset, and simply wondering… why?


6. IKEA noticed her post, and responded.


7. Meanwhile, Danielle and her son are getting a lot of support in the comments.


8. Danielle and her son are definitely no exceptions.


9. And Robin is glad she got this ‘warning.’


10. Louise has a different solution for the issue.


11. And finally, Danielle had a productive chat with IKEA’s customer service manager that made her a bit better, fortunately.


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