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Beef over ‘racist’ British phrase leads to hilarious jokes on social media

Britain. Are you doing okay? Your political debates have seemed crazier and crazier recently. For instance let’s look at the latest thing that’s had everyone scratching their heads: the ‘gammon.’


1. Now you’re probably thinking: what has gammon got to do with anything political?


2. Well, funny you should ask.


3. Luckily, someone chose to explain it… from inside Parliament.


4. So basically angry, racist men. And we’ve apparently had them for ages.


5. Needless to say, once it hit Twitter, things got out of hand fast.


6. It’s when conservatives decided it was racist that the memes REALLY took off.


7. Account Gammon Points has been collecting some of the most amazing examples.


8. And there’s some beautiful poetry, too.


9. Matt Zarb-Cousin, who helped popularize the word, looks confused when he was asked to explain what ‘gammon’ means on Sky News.


10. Luckily some people are being civil.


11. But really, this is just getting ridiculous.


12. This can only lead to one thing.


Keep at it, Britain, you’re on a roll.

Wild West Lol GIF by Justin Gammon - Find & Share on GIPHY


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